I feel that there is no other way to commence my first blog post then to infiltrate my wardrobe. Yes, essential items that one should have, put on their hangers and use them when needed.

The Comfort Zone
(When there's nothing whatsoever to dress up for, or you just feel like dressing down)

1. Jeans, I suppose everybody has this in your wardrobes.
Throw in some skinny jeans if you haven't done so, and a pair of straight or bootleg cut ones. Capri jeans looks good too. They work with everything and anything.

2. A Distressed Tee, you'll never go wrong if you pair them up with jeans or shorts or even capri pants. Thankfully, they are in, simple, not that costly and gives an immediate fun look. You should be able to grab one from Jays Jays or Roger Davids(for him).They are easy to spot.

3. A Cardigan or A Simple Jacket, for those rainy or cold days to soothe those cool shivers. A simple plain white cardigan would do, or for more trendy looks a cropped cardigan or jacket. You can get them virtually anywhere, but since its summer here in Australia, you'd probably wait for winter if you plan to get something more costly.

4. A Tank and A Singlet Top, yes, the basics and bare essentials that would get you anywhere. If you like layers, throw different coloured singlets over each other (i think 2 is enough) or throw a tank over a singlet.

5. A Day Dress, feeling lazy to mix and match your clothes, put on a frock and match it with flat pumps,and you're good to go.

6. Shirts or Blouses, get them anywhere, short sleeved or long sleeved. Wear them with a knitted vest or just plain and simple with a blazer.

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