Celebrity Fragrances

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Celeb Fragrances seem the rage these days, from the time of Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds and other celeb scents that didn’t quite make it, an influx of these perfumes grace the shelves of many stores. Being an ardent perfume fan, I’ve been told by colleagues that they instantly know I’ve walk into the office, I admit I love love piling on the scent, but hey I feel good and smell great.

Courtesy of sephora.com – Gwen Stefani L L.A.M.B

My dresser has never seen the likes of a celeb bottle until now, I’ve Gwen Stefani’s L perfume with its fresh floral scent with musky tones but I’ve found that the scent doesn’t linger as long as I would like it too but still a unique refreshing scent. I also have Hillary Duff’s perfume, not quite my taste, a “powdery” scent but love the bottle.

Courtesy of sephora.com -Sean John's Unforgivable Woman
Courtesy of efragrance.com.au - Kate Moss KATE
I’ve acquired some samples and my picks are Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Sean John’s Unforgivable Woman
and Kate Moss “Kate” all equally scent worthy. Having said that perfumes are ultimately of individual preference.

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