I’ve been known many a times to scour the internet on numerous websites, in search of fashion ideas for just one event, weeks before the occasion. Going through regular sites and then googling away till late. Especially when I need accessories like jewellery, sunnies, bags, shoes etc. Coming out with the results I need is quite an achievement but pretty tedious at times. Shop Wiki never ceases to amaze me, I’ve heaps of fashion sites to drool over and makes it so much easier with a buying guide included, with just a few searches from the site.

Its accessories resources is filled with reviews, store websites, blogs and even fashion/accessories tips, advice and articles. Besides costume jewellery there are resources for the more serious jewellery buyer, links to buying and choosing of precious and semi-precious, gold, silver etc. Links throughout Shop Wiki easily takes you from site to site, filled with something for every fashionista. I love the fact that I get to discover new fashion sites especially one that has everything from apparel to shoes and accessories to beauty products.

While browsing there is no excuse to forget your man as there are resources to men’s accessories such as belts, ties, cuff links and sites to men’s health and other fashion resources. Shop Wiki has everything you need without the hassle of searching aimlessly. A site that I would highly recommend for all online shoppers.

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