Today I've come up with a list of Christmas gift ideas that would really make any girl happy but without breaking the bank. Best of all, they can all be found online, which means you would not need to elbow through crowds or rummage through the mess in the stores to look for a great gift!

Just a few shopping pointers this christmas to end off. As much as we would love to get something pricey for everybody, we all know that's not going to happen. 20 of our friends are not going to end up with YSL coin purses or bags and with some practical planning we could actually save more!

1. List down the number of people you're buying gifts for
2. Set an overall budget for everybody
3. Set a budget per gift 
4. Lastly, before shopping think of what you'd like to get each person, this saves time in the shops allowing you to go to the designated sections right away without too much aimless roaming.

Shop away! and Check this space tomorrow for Gift Ideas Under $100

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