Renegade Marmalade

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Courtesy of Renegade Marmalade

There is just a certain appeal to shop interiors that captives me, and one look at Renegade Marmalade’s shop shouts individualism. Its warm floor boards and separate designer corners against brick walls and ornate Victorian like furniture certainly sets the mood for shoppers on the look out for that independent designer with that edge and difference.

Renegade Marmalade is basically a ladies boutique filled with fashion wear from independent and upcoming designers. Located in Manchester UK and stock with designers like Jabio, Arrogant Cat, Elaine W, D.Efect to name a few. I do heart the outfit from Arrogant Cat, it screams sexy without being too ‘fleshy’ and with winter around the corner, the Purple Coat dress from D.Efect is far from the basic winter coats we see around stores now. Check them out here.

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