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Courtesy of Leviticus Jewelry

Whenever I have an event on, I’m most likely be in need of a certain piece of jewelry to compliment my look. Its always a pleasure to browse online accessory stores, that certain piece of necklace, bracelet or ring might just be the formula for that stand out look. Recently I was introduced to Leviticus Jewelry, browsing through the site, I was pleasantly surprise by the themes of the pieces, especially the necklaces ; vintage, retro, bold, fun, playful, inspiring, spiritual…it seemed like each piece had a story to tell. The creative jewelry designer behind Leviticus Jewelry is Tara Levitin. Inspired by her passion for music and old movies, she creates her handmade one of a kind pieces from mixed metals with an antique look. I love vintage pieces and am captivated by her necklaces ‘Just Like Heaven’ and ‘Victorian Drape’. Browse her site, an interesting piece might catch your attention click here

Courtesy of Leviticus Jewelry

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