I just love looking at fashion and beauty ads, especially when the beauty pages are filled with beautiful models with flawless even tones and expertly done up make up hues. Applying make up to adore oneself is definitely achievable in time, but its tricky when you need to do make up on someone else, believe me when I first started out in make-up school, there were colours, techniques, shading, different make-up occasions etc and importantly blending. Now you girls have it so good, magazines and internet sites have sprung up with heaps of make-up advice, a whole range of make-up brands to choose and lots of technique training to try out. I was totally impressed by a cosmetics and beauty site called ShopWiki that offered multitudes of beauty information and cosmetic products.

The site kept me glued for hours, it’s packed with beauty guides like choosing the right foundation, concealer , make up colours to a nail guide! There are links everywhere to help you with more information as you browse around like the right foundation, very important as far as I am concern. Click here to find out how to choose the correct foundation for your skin tone and an array of different brands of foundation to check out and a shopping guide, you can purchase products online conveniently.

The site was exceptionally good as it also had information on trends, techniques, make-up tips, tools of the trade and tons of resources and shopping guide by cosmetics brands. I especially found the section on make-up expiration dates very useful. Besides make-up there are fragrance and bath & body links.

Do check them out!

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