Skin Food.

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Courtesy of Rosehipskincare

As consumers develop an awareness for healthy living and lifestyles, the beauty industry is of no exception, I remember the times where I sought for beauty brands that were against animal testing, now its organic skincare, luxury skin food and there are quite a range in the market. Since I have sensitive and dry skin, I’m pretty weary of trying out other skincare brands and products, a breakout is nobody’s friend. I did decide to brave it out and try some after receiving samples of rosehipskincare products. I tried the organic rosehip luxurious cream, 7 precious oils and sun moisturing lotion. The rosehip fragrance was very prominent and will not be favourable to some but I did like it, after a few weeks I did feel a difference, my skin was softer and felt more supple. Their products range from skincare,suncare,herbal teas to organic lipsticks.

Courtesy of Juice Beauty

If you love green apples then Juice Beauty has a green apple collection of Hydroxy-Acid Juice Base products, for both skin and bodycare. Their products and packaging look good and are pretty reasonably price.

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